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SkyVenture LLC

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Contact: Trevor Thompson
6034 West Courtyard Dr
Suite 135
Austin, TX 78730 USA
We make the dream of flight a reality. In fact, we’ve had more than 7 million people around the worldwide take flight in a SkyVenture wind tunnel. We fly people of all ages - from 3 to 103 years old. There’s no experience necessary and the entire flight is safe, supervised and fun for nearly everyone.
SkyVenture vertical wind tunnels were inspired by skydiving free-fall and are a marvel of science, engineering and design. A SkyVenture tunnel allows flyers to experience terminal velocity in a controlled environment by generating wind speeds up to 175 mph in a meticulously designed glass flight chamber. There’s no jumping or falling - the flyer simply enters the flight chamber and leans into a smooth cushion of wind and takes flight.

SkyVenture wind tunnels fly people all over the world – four continents in 9 countries with approximately 45 facilities in operation - making it the world’s largest and most advanced manufacturer of vertical wind tunnels. No other company has produced even a fraction of this number. And our team is continually introducing new, patented technologies to improve the quality and safety of freefall simulators. Our tunnels operate day after day, year after year, operating in some of the hottest deserts, the coldest regions, and at some of the highest elevations in the world. When you buy a SkyVenture wind tunnel, you receive more than a machine – you get a complete business ready to operate and a business partner that will help you maximize your brand and business.

SkyVenture is the worldwide leader and innovator in vertical wind tunnel design, manufacturing and installation. We have built or are building tunnels in US, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Australia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore, and Brazil.


Chief Marketing Officer:

Stuart Wallock

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