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Contact: Trevor Thompson
Vice President
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Austin, TX 78730 USA
It happens thousands of times each month a customer steps into one of our wind tunnels, and steps out transformed. In just those few minutes, they ve done what people have dreamed of doing for thousands of years: Fly.

Inspired? The SkyVenture vertical wind tunnel was inspired by skydiving free-fall. In skydiving, the time before you release your parachute is called "free fall.? You are literally falling free through the air and with a little skill and training, you can fly, maneuver, tumble, and dart from side to side, experiencing the thrill of wingless flight. ?Flyers? can be as young as three-years-old to 93 years old and can fly in our tunnels with no experience is necessary.

A SkyVenture tunnel replicates just this minus jumping out of a plane in the sky. We bring the sky to the customer, in a large room that safely creates the same force of wind as a free fall. The room, its housing and engine systems is the wind tunnel a marvel of architecture and engineering.

SkyVenture has facilities on four contents in 9 countries with approximately 25 facilities in operation making it the world s largest and most advanced manufacturer of vertical wind tunnels. No other company has produced even a fraction of this number. SkyVenture wind tunnels operate under the brand names iFLY, Airkix and FreeZone.

SkyVenture tunnels operate day after day, year after year, in every environment. We currently operate tunnels in some of the hottest deserts), in the coldest regions, and at some of the highest elevations in the world.

SkyVenture has the staff, systems, documentation and experience necessary to complete and support projects all over the world. We have built or are building tunnels in US, Canada, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Brazil.


Chief Marketing Officer:

Stuart Wallock

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