Deltronic Labs, Inc.

Deltronic Labs, Inc.

Phone 215-997-8616
Fax 215-997-9506
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Contact: Stephen Horniak
120 Liberty Lane
Chalfont, PA 18914 United States of America
Deltronic Labs, Inc. is a small family owned and operated company started by Stephen Horniak Sr. in the early sixties. During the first years of the companys existence, the focus was mainly design and production of various electronic and electro-mechanical devices ranging from simple timing devices to ultra-sensitive meters and gauges. We incorporated in 1968 and began our journey into the coin-operated amusement and family entertainment industry.

Product Showcase

The TT-2000 Single Ticket Eater

The TT-2000 Single Ticket Eater

A fully automated, high speed, stand alone Ticket Eater that counts and destroys tickets and prints a receipt. TT-2000 fills big shoes, but has a small footprint: Only 21" x 21"W x 59"H

A valuable tool to make the redemption process part of the FUN! The customers feed their own tickets into the TT-2000 and enjoy the display and counting process - presenting a receipt to redeem their prizes.


• High visibiity five digit 2" LED display of each ticket value and total points counted - 8 to 10 tickets/sec
• Display sends messages too:
     FULL bin
     PAPER low
• User friendly, Thermal Printer for Fast, Crisp print-outs. (Accepts up to 8" paper roll)
• Programmed when manufactured to accept and read ONLY your custom bar coded tickets.
• OPTION: Can read non bar coded tickets
• Can be programmed on location to read up to eight different bar coded ticket values
• Accepts standard redemption tickets 2"L x 1 5/32"W
• Patented Quick Release Cutter Mechanism with 4 blades in one means, extremely long lifel!!
• No cheating allowed!!! Pull on those tickets and it subtracts one!
• Interfaces available for popular debit card systems.
• Can be interfaced with existing vending machines to create fully automated redemption.
• Custom graphics available
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